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About Cashmere

All genuine Cashmere clothes comes from the Capra-Hircus Goat. This goat lives high in the Himalayan Mountains and on the cold high level plains of Ladakh (Kashmir). The finest hair is on the inner layer, next to the skin. The Persian name for this is 'pashm', means Pashmina, which is commonly used to describe the very finest Cashmere. All our Cashmere products are made from 14 to 16 micron fiber. This is the best yarn for making regular Pashmina Scarf, Cotton and Silk Scarf, Ladies Kaftan, Beaded Scarves as well as Evening Wraps And Shawls. We are also known for providing the best-quality Wool Scarves India.

How do you know that the items on this site are made from the finest Cashmere?

While buying Cashmere it’s important to look into where it comes from and the actual Cashmere contents if you want to be that it’s pure, as there are so many cheating producers and manufacturers on the market. It is not unusual to find Cashmere products claiming to contain 100% Cashmere when it actually contains a mix of wool, rabbit fur and other unidentifiable materials. The Cashmere or Pashmina is not produced in huge factories. See our video how original Pashminas are made in Kashmir. All the products on our site are produced and manufactured in KASHMIR. Cashmere,Cashmere Shawls,Pashmina Scarf,Evening Wraps,Wool Scarves India,Cashmere Clothes For Women,Silk Scarves India,Beaded Scarves,Buy Women Jackets,Women'S Fashion Jackets Online,Pashmina Scarf Price India